Getting started

Please note that the source code to be used for this track for this year is the same one used for last years competition. A new package with a richer interface is also available. For the coming competition, you are free to choose any of these packages.

First of all, download the source code. Bug reports are welcome. To get a feel for how the code works, you can try the following commands:

java dk.itu.mario.engine.Play

Lets you play a game of Mario yourself on a level with content that has been randomly generated. Controls are the arrow keys, a and s.

Now after you finished playing the random level, you can try playing a simple customized level.

java dk.itu.mario.engine.PlayCustomized

After trying this, your fingers are probably itching to get coding. Well then, do it! Take a look at how dk.itu.mario.level.RandomLevel and dk.itu.mario.level.CustomizedLevel are constructed, and write your own class, implementing dk.itu.mario.MarioInterface.LevelInterface. Create your own level generator implementing one of the methods in dk.itu.mario.MarioInterface.LevelGenerator. The first method in this interface provides statistical information about the player behavior while playing the test level, while the second interface provides detailed information about each action performed by the player associated with its corresponding time stamp. You are free to use one of these method and extract whatever information you find relevant for your customized level generator. 

You may take a look at dk.itu.mario.level.generator.CustomizedLevelGenerator. To test your customized level go to dk.itu.mario.scene.LevelSceneTest and in the init() method replace "CustomizedLevelGenerator clg = new CustomizedLevelGenerator();" with a call to your own generator. You can run dk.itu.mario.engine.PlayCustomized to test your code.

Please make sure that you make no modifications to the original interface provided and that your classes are all packed in a separated package under you name, e.g. "noorshaker" and that no modifications are made to the original interface.

One final thing before you get going, though: please join the Mario Competition Google Group and send a message notifying us (and your competitors) that you plan to participate!