All potential participants (and others interested in the competition or just using the software) are expected to join the mariocompetition Google group. As soon as you've decided to participate, you are expected to post a short message to the group announcing who you are. Almost all questions should be posted in the Google group, where discussion becomes visible to all participants and questions can be answered both by the organizers and by other competitors. The archive of the discussion group is searchable, and as it was used for last year's Mario AI Competition as well it already contains a trove of technical information. 

While all questions should by default be posted to the group, there are exceptions when you want to discuss something more privately the organizers. In those cases, please mail:

Julian Togelius
 for questions about organization, rules, publishing, using the competition software in your teaching, and really everything that's not directly related to the code.

Sergey Karakovskiy for technical questions about the Gameplay and Learning tracks.

Noor Shaker for technical questions about the Level Generation track.