Level Generator usage

Usage examples.

Here are some examples how to use combination of various options.
Launch the benchmark as usual : java ch.idsia.scenarios.Main [params].
Short form is used further in the text: Main -lco off.
  1. A flat level:
     -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb off -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  2. A flat level with blocks:
    Main -lco off -lb on -le off -lhb off -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  3. A flat level with blocks and coins:
    Main -lco on -lb on -le off -lhb off -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  4. A flat level with blocks, creatures and coins:
    Main -lco on -lb on -le on -lhb off -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  5. A flat level with blocks, hidden blocks and coins:
    Main -lco on -lb on -le off -lhb on -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  6. A flat level with blocks, hidden blocks, coins and creatures:
    Main -lco on -lb on -le on -lhb on -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  7. A level with deadends and blocks:
    Main -lco off -lb on -le off -lhb off -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde on
  8. A level with deadends, blocks and hidden blocks:
    Main -lco off -lb on -le off -lhb on -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde on
  9. A level with deadends and hidden blocks:
    Main -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb on -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde on
  10. A level with deadends, blocks, hidden blocks and creatures:
    Main -lco off -lb on -le on -lhb on -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde on
  11. A flat level with tubes:
    Main -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb off -lg off -ltb on -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  12. A flat level with gaps:
    Main -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb off -lg on -ltb off -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  13. A flat level with tubes and gaps:
    Main -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb off -lg on -ltb on -lhs off -lc off -lde off
  14. A flat level with cannons:
    Main -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb off -lg off -ltb off -lhs off -lc on -lde off
  15. A flat level with tubes, gaps and cannons:
    Main -lco off -lb off -le off -lhb off -lg on -ltb on -lhs off -lc on -lde off

Sergey Karakovskiy,
Jul 7, 2010, 7:11 AM