Submitting your competition entry

Your competition entries should be submitted by email to both Noor Shaker and Julian Togelius. The subject line of the mail should be "MARIOTURINGSUBMISSION firstname lastname", with firstname and lastname replaced with your first and last name. Please use "MARIOTURINGSUBMISSION" as an initiative for any query you send regarding this track.

Entries written in any language are welcome, as long as they can be interfaced to an unmodified version of the mario package. In any case, the submission must be able to run on an Intel machine running either Mac OS X (preferred), Ubuntu Linux or Windows XP.

The submission should include complete instructions for how to run your entry, especially if you are not using Java. The submission should also include complete source code, and a short description of how it works.

The following submission format is required, in order to make life as easy as possibly for all of us:

  • A .zip file containing: A runnable project including the the full source code for the interface used and any user java classes in a directory called firstnamelastname (e.g. noorshaker). 
  • Any external libraries, if used, in a separate jar file named firstnamelastname.jar, e.g. noorshaker.jar.
  • A short text document or (preferably) 2-4 Powerpoint or Keynote slides describing your level generator and how it was developed.